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Ice Making Plant

Specification of Machinery and Equipment
1. Compressor

Compressor (Fig.1 and Table 1)is the heart of any refrigeration plant such as ice making, freezing, cold storage, etc. And consequently it is of vital importance for the plant management to select the most suitable compressor to meet the requirement

For ice making at present, single stage high speed multi-cylinder type compressor is widely used, the capacity of which shall be referred to the Table 1. The further details shall be provided on request.

Generally, refrigeration capacity required for producing 1 -Ton/Day of ice is 6,000 to 6,500 kcal/h.


2. Oil Separator

In the gas discharged out of compressor, oil is liable to mingle. In case such oil is delivered to and accumulated in a condenser and evaporator the efficiency of the condenser and the evaporator becomes worse.(Fig.3)

Oil separator is installed on the dischai^ed line between com pressor and condenser for separating oil out of discharged gas.